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Third-Party Integration

Zoho Desk Integration

Zoho Desk can help you handle customer support activities and assign or track alerts as tickets. Tightly integrate Site24x7 with Zoho Desk to convert any Down, Trouble, or Critical alerts from Site24x7 into tickets in the Zoho Desk portal.

Zoho Cliq Integration

Zoho Cliq is a collaboration platform that helps to discuss and share information among your team members. By integrating Site24x7 with Zoho Cliq, you can start receiving alerts and take actions on the alerts.  

Amazon EventBridge

Amazon EventBridge is a serverless event bus that allows AWS services, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), and custom applications to communicate with each other using events. Site24x7's integration with Amazon EventBridge lets you route the alerts to built-in targets like AWS Lambda, SNS, or any AWS service to start auto-remediation pipelines or any other automation steps.

Zoho Analytics Integration

Zoho Analytics is a self-service business intelligence, data analytics, and online reporting platform that offers a comprehensive glance at your key business metrics. By integrating Site24x7 with Zoho Analytics, you can gain a complete overview of your business and IT-related information on a single platform. 

Moogsoft Integration

Moogsoft is a platform for IT operations, that enable cross-team collaboration to solve incidents faster using AI. By integrating your Site24x7 account with Moogsoft, all the alerts from Site24x7 will be raised as events in Moogsoft. Explore more. 

Jira Integration

Atlassian Jira is a project management platform designed for tracking bugs and resolving issues that is widely used by DevOps, agile, and support teams. Site24x7's integration with Jira facilitates automatic creation of issues in Jira for Site24x7 alarms.Explore more. 

ConnectWise Manage

Integrate Site24x7 with ConnectWise Manage to get deeper visibility into incidents. Manage your Site24x7 monitor alerts and incident resolution processes by using ConnectWise’s alert & notification capabilities. Explore more.

Webhooks Integration

Setup Webhooks based integration in Site24x7. Webhooks are user defined HTTP callbacks that are triggered by specific Site24x7 events. Whenever a status change occurs in Site24x7, the same triggers the Webhook, which in turn posts the Site24x7 event data to the desired Third Party service. Explore more.


Experience superior alarms and on-call management handling by seamlessly integrating your Site24x7 account with PagerDuty. Integrate your Site24x7 with multiple PagerDuty integration keys. Manage your Site24x7 alarms in PagerDuty to streamline your communication chain within teams, secure a lower mean time to resolution (MTTR) and finally achieve higher incident resolution efficiency. Explore more.


Slack is a powerful cloud-based chat tool that offers public and private channels for effective communication and collaboration within your team. Set up Site24x7 to send alerts and RCA links to one or more of your Slack channels. Explore more.


Use Zapier to create powerful Zaps. Zaps join multiple third-party apps-enable a trigger and an action; finally helps to automate tedious tasks in the workflow. Zapier connects Site24x7 with several other third-party apps. Complete your tasks effortlessly by configuring a Site24x7 trigger event and complimenting it with a relevant action from your chosen application. Explore more.

Microsoft Teams

Integrate your Site24x7 account with Microsoft Teams, the advanced ChatOps platform for Microsoft Office365 customers. Share and discuss your Site24x7 monitor status alerts and incident root-cause analysis reports in your preferred Microsoft Teams channel. Embed your Site24x7 Custom Dashboard inside Teams tab to have meaningful conversations about monitored data. Add Site24x7 bots, an advanced ChatBot built on advanced AI platform to query and receive instant answers for your monitoring questions using simple dialogue inputs. Explore more.

ManageEngine AlarmsOne

ManageEngine AlarmsOne is a cloud based alarm management solution that enables you to view, manage, and monitor alarms from various monitoring tools running on your network, all displayed in a single dashboard. Site24x7's integration with ManageEngine AlarmsOne lets you to combine all your Site24x7 alarms in one unique console. Explore more.

ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus On-Premise

ServiceDesk Plus (SDP) is a web based Help Desk and Asset Management software, offered by ManageEngine. Site24x7 integrates with SDP to manually/automatically log tickets in SDP dashboard for any Site24x7 down/trouble alerts. When the outages are resolved, these tickets are automatically closed in SDP dashboard. Tell me more.

ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus On-Demand

ServiceDesk Plus (SDP) On-Demand is a cloud based help desk solution from ManageEngine. Site24x7 tightly integrates with SDP On-Demand to automatically convert Site24x7 down/trouble alerts into tickets in SDP On-Demand. When the outages are resolved, these tickets are automatically closed in SDP On-Demand.  Explore more.

ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus MSP

ServiceDesk Plus (SDP) MSP is a web-based Help Desk and Asset Management software, offered by ManageEngine that allows creation and management of multiple SDP accounts from a unified console. Site24x7 integrates with SDP MSP to manually/automatically log tickets in your preferred SDP MSP account for any Site24x7 down/trouble alerts. When the outages are resolved, these tickets are automatically closed in your preferred SDP MSP account dashboard. Tell me more.


ServiceNow provides service management software as a service. It offers IT services management (ITSM), IT operations management (ITOM), and IT business management (ITBM) solutions to businesses. Site24x7's integration with ServiceNow empowers IT teams to monitor servers and applications, take corrective actions automatically, streamline incidents, and resolve issues faster and in an efficient manner. Explore more.


Connect Site24x7 with Opsgenie, an advanced incident response orchestration platform for DevOps and IT Teams. Streamline your Site24x7 monitor alerts and incident resolution processes by taking advantage of Opsgenie’s alert and notification management, on-call scheduling and escalation capabilities. Explore more.

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Help Admin Third-Party Integration