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Tag Profiles

Tag Profiles provide users with customized labels that combine user-defined parameters including region, service, resource, data transfer, instance type, etc. to help you determine your cloud costs.

Tag Profiles help you create a label to organize your cloud cost parameters efficiently.

Creating a Tag for cloud cost

  • Go to the CloudSpend console.
  • In the left navigation pane, choose Admin, and then choose Tag Profile to see a list of all the existing Tag Profiles created.
  • The +Tag Profile tab displayed on the right side of the page lets you add/edit additional Tag Profiles if required.

Tag Profiles

Use cases

The following examples offer a holistic view of different scenarios where a Tag Profile is used. The Cost Accounts tab lets you choose and view an account based on a Tag Profile.

  • Amazon EC2 AND us-east-1: Provides a way to view the EC2 instances, part of the us-east-1 region, for a specific account that you choose.

Tag Profiles1

  • Amazon DynamoDB OR Amazon ElastiCache: Provides a way to view both the Amazon Dynamo DB and Amazon Elasti Cache services for a specific account that you choose.

Tag Profiles2

  • (Amazon EC2 OR Amazon APIGateway) AND us-west-1c: Retrieves a list of Amazon EC2 Instances and Amazon API Gateway services that are part of the us-west-1c for a specific account. The parenthesis ensures that you can group and retrieve the services according to a logical operations order.

Tag Profiles3

  • Invalid Expression: Trying to create a Tag Profile by specifying only the tag values can be termed as an "invalid expression." Scenarios where an invalid expression occurs might be:
    1. No logical operation (OR/AND)
      eg: AmazonAPIGateway,us-east1
    2. No opening or closing braces
      eg: AmazonDynamoDB) AND us-west-2

The two examples of invalid expressions referenced above can occur in a logical expression while using Tag Profiles in CloudSpend.

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Help Tag Profiles