Prometheus Monitoring

Acquire better visibility and an integrated view into your applications and servers that are monitored by Prometheus. Site24x7's Prometheus monitoring tool collects key performance metrics and presents them in easy-to-interpret, intuitive formats with actionable insights to help you stay on top of your infrastructure.

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Better visibility into your servers and applications

Analyze Prometheus performance

Easy-to-interpret Prometheus metrics

Collect metrics like Gauge, Counter, Histogram, and Summary data using Prometheus exporters and view them as time series charts. Analyze the performance of your infrastructure over time with dimensional data.

Out-of-the-box reports for a periodic overview

Acquire performance and availability summary reports for diverse metrics. Obtain an overview at the application or host level with inventory, status, and health reports.

Prometheus reports
Automate incident remediation for Prometheus issues

Automatic remediation with IT Automation

Avoid performance degradation by configuring automation for common issues on servers, applications, or Kubernetes. Reduce manual intervention by creating automation templates for incident remediation using IT Automation.

Eliminate downtime with instant alerts

Receive alerts via email, SMS, and voice calls based on different poll intervals. Customize alerts for various threshold strategies.

Timely downtime alerts for Prometheus metrics

Better insights for your metrics

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Unified visibility across metrics

Build custom dashboards to compare the performance of multiple servers and applications over time. Get contextual analyses of how multiple servers in your application environment perform.

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A wide range of integrations

Receive notifications through third-party ITSM tools (including PagerDuty, ServiceNow, Jira, ConnectWise, and custom webhooks) as well as collaboration tools (including Slack and Microsoft Teams).

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More than just Prometheus monitoring

Merge siloed data and view it all from a single dashboard. Gain single-console monitoring for your IT infrastructure, applications, and cloud services (including AWS, Azure, and GCP). This can help you correlate performance metrics from multiple sources and analyze the ripple effects of performance issues.

Manage logs from your IT infrastructure, applications, and cloud services and accelerate troubleshooting by comparing key performance indicators on exclusive dashboards.

Enhanced visibility into Prometheus metrics

Prometheus workflow

The complete tool for your full-stack IT monitoring needs

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