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APM Reports

Analyze and compare your application's performance with Reports. Site24x7 generates reports for Average Response Time, Apdex score, Throughput, Database Response Time at application / instance level.

To view reports:

  1. Click on APM > APM Insight Dashboard
  2. Choose the Application/Instance > Click on "View Performance Reports"
  3. Customize the time period to view your reports
  4. Reports can be downloaded in CSV / PDF format. Click on "Share This" icon to publish / email / schedule reports.

View Performance Reports

With Performance Reports, one can easily drill down to view application performance at a granular level. This can help identify applications with poor response time, database time by operations, throughput performance and apdex score of the applications.

You can view performance trend of your applications over a period of time with the help of archived data.

  1. Click on Home > Reports > APM Insight Application > Performance Reports
  2. Choose Application from the Drop Down menu to view its performance trend
  3. Time Period: Customize your time period along which you need to view the performance of your applications.
  4. Application's performance over a specific time period can be viewed by choosing "Custom Time Period"
  5. Performance report can be generated for single application or as a consolidated report for all applications. This can be done by selecting 'All APM applications' under the drop down menu. 
  6. Classification of Apdex score ( Satisfied, Tolerated and Frustrated count) can be viewed for all APM Insight monitors and monitor groups under APM Insight Performance reports. 


For Java applications,JVM metrics like Heap memory, GC count and GC time are also displayed.


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Help APM APM Reports