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Python plugin could not be run on Windows 10

hi guys:


I had installed the python program on Windows 10, and made sure the output is json format.

But it still got error message: Plugin output is empty or not in Json format \n


And i work well with batch and powershell.


This is my python script(just for testing):

#!"C:/Program Files/Python310/python.exe"

source = '{"plugin_version" : "1","data" : {"Packets recieved":10,"Packets sent":4,"Bandwidth utilization":12,"Speed":87},"units" : {"Packets recieved":"sec","Packets sent":"sec","Bandwidth utilization":"Kbps","Speed":"Mbps"},"heartbeat_required" : "True","displayname" : "Network Traffic","msg" : "High Bandwidth Utilization"}'
Any one has idea?
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