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Plugin Template Configuration

A template can be edited/modified, after adding a plugin monitor. Performance charts, performance attribute can be set for each template.

What is a Plugin Template?

A plugin template is a set of attributes to be monitored. This is where you get to define the attributes that you wish to monitor.  

Example: A file is a plugin template that will have performance attributes like slow queries, reads, writes etc. 

Know why you should create a template for a plugin monitor.

Edit a Plugin Template

  1. Login and go to Admin > Server Monitor > Plugin Template Config > Edit Template Definition. You can also navigate via Server > Plugins > click on the plugin monitor that has the template associated with it > Customize View. 
  2. In the Edit Plugin Template page, 
    • Modify/add units to existing attributes. Get a preview of your template as you make changes. Click Next
      • New attributes cannot be added.
      • Only the units for an attribute can be modified. The unit type (whether Numeric or Text) cannot be changed
    • Select the metrics to view them as Performance Charts- Select more number of attributes or deselect existing attributes that you wish to view as performance charts in the plugin monitor's Summary page. 
      A maximum of 25 attributes per template can be selected to be viewed as performance charts
    • Select the attribute to be set as Performance Attribute - The Performance attribute can be viewed in the Summary page (screenshot 1), main plugin monitor listing page (screenshot 2), and in the log report (screenshot 3).
      Summary Page (Server > Plugins > click on the plugin monitor > Summary)
      Main Monitor Listing Page (Server > Plugins)
      Log Report (Server > Plugins > click on the monitor > Log Report)
    • Create multiple metrics charts - Choose to view a set of metrics either as a Pie chart or Multi series chart. 
      Only two customizable charts can be created per template.
  3. Save your changes.
  • A plugin template cannot be deleted if it is associated with a server monitor. 
  • A template once deleted cannot be recovered.  

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Help Admin Server Monitor Plugin Template Config