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The performance of a server is very important, but data loss is a priority.
We use many HP servers and it would be very useful to have a storage monitor to check the internal disk failure. The integrated ILO shows the damaged disks and it would be useful for Site24x7 to query it indicating the degraded raid.

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Hi assistenza,

Thanks for bringing this up. You can use Site24x7 Plugins to write your own plugin and monitor the integrated HP ILO. You can also set alerts and be notified on disk failures and damages.

Take a look at our help documentation on how to write a plugin: 

Hope this answers your question. For further queries, please comment in the below thread. 




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Re: Re: HP ILO

Site24x7 has to provide the plugins or scripts to monitor HP hardware.

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Re: Re: Re: HP ILO

I agree, HP servers are very Common, like iDrac it would be no more then logic to have HP ilo support out of the box. We are currently evaluating site24x7 and this and this is a major issue we encounter. Custom monitoring can be done but is not very easy and straightforward. Most compting snmp monitoring solutions support and discover ilo out of the box or support importing MIB files. 

Kind regards, 

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Re: Re: HP ILO

We used 24x7 MSP and this became a problem as we managed multiple HPE hypervisors. We need unified out-of-box monitoring. It makes no sense to invest in a paid solution and still have to invest our time developing plugins for such a well-known platform.

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Re: Re: Re: HP ILO

Hi Giovani,

Please find attached plugin scripts to monitor the performance of HP server hardware, battery, and fan. 

Plugin Configuration:

Configure the HP server hostname, SNMP versions and read-only community string.

Note: This plugin has been tested with HP iLO servers, with SNMP versions 1 and 2c in Ubuntu. 

Performance metrics: 

Battery plugin:

  • Thermal condition
  • Degraded action
  • Temperature status
  • System status
  • Fanstatus

Fan plugin:

  • Fan index
  • Fan locale
  • Fan type, speed, and condition
  • Redundant partner, hot plugged, and location 

Let us know if this helps. Please refer our documentation for further queries, if any.


Happy Monitoring!


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Re: Re: Re: Re: HP ILO

It's a good start but it is missing one of the most occuring errors: Disk failures.. 

Still would be great if it can be standard like the idrac plugin. We have got it running with a nagios plugin right now and i have managed to do it with a powershell script. Powershell requires HP powershell addins on a windows server but seems to work great. I will post the powershell here maybe sombody has use for it. 

Kind Regards, 


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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: HP ILO


Along with the above plugins, we have added support for monitoring RAID, disk network and sensors. Please refer our documentation for installation steps.

Performance Metrics: 

RAID plugin:

  • Fault tolerance, Available Spares
  • Drive status, Logical Drive Size
  • Auto reliability delay , Percent Rebuild, Rebuild Blocks Remaining
  • Stripe Size, OS Name, Blink Time Count
  • Spare To Replacement Drive Map
  • Drive Rebuilding Index
  • Multi-path Access, Number Of Parity Groups

Logical Drives Plugin:

  • Disk Size
  • Sectors Read/Written
  • Total Seeks, Seek Errors
  • Hard/Recovered Read/Write Errors
  • DRQ Timeouts, Spin up Retries
  • Bad Read/Write Error
  • Spare sectors available for remapping, Used Reallocated Sectors
  • Format Error, Power On Self Test Error, Drive Not Ready Errors, Reallocation Aborts, Hot Plug Count, Media Failure Count, Hardware Error Count, Aborted Command Failures, Spin-Up Failure Count, Bad Target Count
  • Hot Plug Support Status, Predictive Failure Monitoring, Data Transfer Speed, S.M.A.R.T Status

Network Interface Card Plugin:

  • Location
  • Bytes Transmitted/Received,
  • Total, Uni cast , Non-Uni cast, Error and Discarded Packets during transmit and receive
  • Outstanding Packets in Transmit Queue
  • Unknown Protocol Packets

Temperature of Sensors Plugin:

  • chassis, index, locale
  • threshold, thresholdtype
  • condition, location

Let us know if this helps. For further queries, if any, please refer our documentation or comment in the below thread.




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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: HP ILO

Can this monitor Virtual Connect Flex modules and individual Blades in a c7000 chasis?

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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: HP ILO

Hi Aohare,

The above plugin scripts does not include monitoring Virtual Connect Flex modules and individual Blades. But you can monitor it by creating new plugins with their respective OIDS.

Copy any HP hardware monitoring plugin to a new plugin, and replace the yellow highlighted keys with the OIDs you want to monitor. 

### OIDS for Getting Battery Details
OIDS = {'thermal' : ['cpqHeThermal']}

### OID Attributes
hardware = {'thermal' : ['cpqHeThermalCondition','cpqHeThermalDegradedAction','cpqHeThermalTempStatus','cpqHeThermalSystemFanStatus' ,'cpqHeThermalCpuFanStatus']}

### Output Keys and their units
names = {'thermal' : ['condition','degradedaction','tempstatus','systemstatus','fanstatus']}

Hope this helps.






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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: HP ILO


Could we have a script for iLO in Windows please? 

Python can be installed to support that script.



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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: HP ILO


You can use the python plugin script in your Windows server to monitor HP iLO in Windows. Please read our documentation for step-by-step instructions.

Let us know for questions, if any, in the below thread.




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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: HP ILO



how can we monitor ILO hosts that run vmware esxi ?



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