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Feature Request - Sub-Admin

Our Operations teams are divided by several products. Each of these products has their own monitor creation and deletion requirements as well as teams responsible for creation/deletion. We have a unified NOC that monitors all products.  

Feature Request - I would like to see a "sub-admin" role that would have similar permissions to an "operator" but with the addition of add/delete monitors. This would allow the user to be scoped to a group or individually selected number of monitors that they would have access to modify. 

Today we love the "operator" ability to be scoped to just the things they are interested in but when they need to add or delete a monitor they must contact another team member to do so.
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Re: Feature Request - Sub-Admin

Hi Damian,

  We have released Site24x7 Teams Management feature. With this you can manage your monitoring resources more effectively among your teams. Here is the announcement that we made few moments ago.


Product Manager, Site24x7

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Re: Feature Request - Sub-Admin


We're happy to inform you that we've now introduced monitor-group-level permissions for admin users. 

With permissions at the monitor group level, you can provide admins with full permissions for a particular group of monitors. This allows the super admin to restrict access to resources created by others. This also helps in streamlining and controlling the monitor groups that each admin can access. 

An Admin with monitor-group-level access can edit/modify/delete the details related to profiles created by them, but will not have any permission to modify the profiles created by other admins. For instance, a user with admin user privileges and monitor group permissions can view and apply all profiles in Site24x7, such as the location, configuration, notification, email templates, and more, to monitors. However, they cannot edit or delete a profile created by other users. In a nutshell, group admins will have full permission only to the resources created by them. 

Thereby instead of a single member handling all responsibilities, each team member can take up the responsibility. Assigning an admin role with monitor-group-level access role can help in ensuring:        

  • Efficient team level management

  • Confidentiality and security

  • More control over resources

Read our community post to know more about Admin with monitor-group-level access.

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Re: Feature Request - Sub-Admin

This is similar to my request www.site24x7.com/community/more-options-for-user-roles.

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