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Feature Request - Dashboard\report Filters based on Tags

Would it be possible to concider the possiblity to have the ability to use tags to filter what gets displayed on dashboard


e.g i would like to display servers or services  (reports or dashbaords) showing the availability that are tagged as "Accounts" or "HR"


We also group services as high, medium, low criticality - it would be great to tag items as these are report on them accordingly.

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Re: Feature Request - Dashboard\report Filters based on Tags

Hey There, 

   Thank you for asking your request here. We do have plans to support tags in our dashboards. Will keep you posted on the developments in this thread. 

By the way, how to do you organize your monitoring resources now? Do you use monitor groups or only tags or a combination of both.


Product Manager, Site24x7

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Re: Feature Request - Dashboard\report Filters based on Tags


We're glad to inform you that we've introduced the option to filter resources using tags in the Site24x7 custom dashboard.

To use tags in the custom dashboard, you can:

  1. Log in to Site24x7.

  2. Navigate to Home > Dashboards > choose the dashboard of your preference or create one.

In the dashboard of your preference, you can use the option to filter monitors using associated tags.

Tags can be used to filter your monitors to view associated metrics or alarms in:

  • Performance Widgets

  • Current Status

  • Multi-Monitor Performance Widgets

  • Multi-Attribute Widgets

  • Availability Widgets

  • Alarm Widgets



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