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Akemi recently slipped on an icy sidewalk near her Chicago home while walking her dog, Typhoon.  She was hoping to recover from the full hip replacement surgery with enough mobility to travel and teach.  However, she now needs more time and physical therapy.  We will postpone her workshops until Spring 2015.

If you have already registered for Cohn's classes, your fees will be refunded by either the Lyon Arboretum or the Honolulu Museum of Art.  You will receive an early notification prior to a public announcement of her 2015 schedule.  We apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you for your continued support and interest.

V I S I T I N G . A R T I S T
Akemi Cohn

Stitched Stories

Saturday and Sunday,
April 26 – 27, 2014
9:00 am - 2:00 pm

Class Fee: $130
Supply Fee: $15
payable to the instructor
Honolulu Museum of Art School,
Room 101

Akemi Cohn, a graduate of Tama Art University and Cranbrook Academy of Art, has tailored this workshop for students who wish to create their own stories on fabrics. With inspiration drawn from pieces in the exhibition Remaining Remnants, on view until July 13, Cohn will show students how to illustrate their own stories with several techniques: monoprinting, working with a water soluble stabilizer and stitching directly on to fabrics. During the Saturday lunch, Cohn will show you traditional Sashiko stitching and contemporary stitching pieces.

Also on Saturday at 2 pm, Textile Manager of the Museum, Sara Oka, will lead a private tour of the exhibition she curated, “Remaining Remnants.” This is an optional activity.

Experience with sashiko stitching,“little stabs” in Japanese, is helpful but not as important as hand-sewing a straight stitch. Supply fee covers fabric ink, transfer agents and some fabrics. In partnership with the Honolulu Museum of Art.

Cohn resides in Chicago where she teaches at Lill Street Studio. She also travels to teach across the nation and exhibits internationally. You can view her work at, www. akemistudio.com.

Please register directly with the Art School. Phone: 532-8741 or www.honolulumuseum.org

V I S I T I N G . A R T I S T
Akemi Cohn

Twisted and Folded Shibori

Tuesday, April 29, 2014
9:00 am – 12:00 noon
Class Fee: $50
Supply Fee: $15 for indigo,
PVC pipe, some fabric.
Pre-requisite: Participation in Indigo dyeing classes at TEMARI or Lyon Arboretum.

Continue your affair with indigo dyeing and learn new Shibori, resist, methods. Visiting Artist Akemi Cohn will teach the Nejiri and Itajime techniques, Japanese for twisted and folded. Students will manipulate cotton, silk and linen around a small PVC plastic pipe and learn how to control the twisting to make a variety of resist patterns. Folding the fabrics into various shapes also produces resisted patterns. Dipping and submerging the twisted and folded fabrics into the indigo vat several times creates harmonious shades of irresistible blue; pale morning sky to midnight dark navy.

Cohn studied traditional indigo dyeing in Kyoto and graduated from Tama University and Cranbrook Academy. She maintains her indigo vat in her Chicago basement, at just the right temperature. She also felts and sashiko stitches. She adds, “Although indigo dyeing has been applied to clothes and interior decorations for over 700 years in Japan, indigo blues appear contemporary in our modern lifestyle.”

This class is in partnership with the Lyon Arboretum. Please register with the Arboretum at 988-0456 or www.hawaii.edu/lyonarboretum. Pay for both Class and Supply Fees at the same time.

Supply List and directions for fabric preparation will be sent upon registration.

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