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Can't see clone monitor button


as per this documentation below we can clone an existing monitor:


However, I can't find this option available in my account/user (I have Admin role).

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Re: Can't see clone monitor button

Dear Thiago,

   For which monitor type (url, server, was, azure, apm etc) are you looking to clone? Clone support is available only for internet service monitors and not for monitors which are agent based at the moment. We'll update the document for those clone is not supported. Thank you for raising it here.


Site24x7, PM

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Re: Re: Can't see clone monitor button

Hi Jasper,


thank you for your reply. I got in contact with support team (Akash Lakra) and received following explanation:

"I would like to inform you that monitors like AWS and Azure does not have the clone feature, as this monitors gets added by discovery. 
Please refer to the below help doc for the list of monitor which support Clone option.
This explains my case. Thank you both!
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